PACT 2007: Local Information - Brasov and Bucharest Transportation

International Conference on
Parallel Architecture and Compilation Techniques
Brasov, Romania
Sept 15-19, 2007

The Sixteenth International Conference on
Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT)
Brasov, Romania
September 15-19, 2007

PACT 2007 Local Information - Transportation in and between Brasov and Bucharest

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This page provides information regarding transportation within Brasov, within Bucharest, and traveling between Bucharest and Brasov.

Getting Around Brasov

Brasov Map.

The mountain you will see first when arriving in Brasov is called Tampa (400 meters above Brasov). Frequently, Brasov is called the town from Tampa's foot. You can see on the top of it a TV antenna and a nice restaurant called Panoramic. There is a cable car (8 lei is a return ticket) and in two minutes from the foot of the mountain, you'll get on the top.

From the Brasov Railway Station to the ARO-PALACE Hotel. From the Brasov Railway Station to the ARO-PALACE Hotel, you can take a cab in the front of the railway station (about 2€) or you can take bus number 4 (the bus stop is in the front of the railway station) and you get off at the fifth bus stop (then, 200 meters walk through the park and you'll see the ARO Hotel ahead).

Taxis in Brasov. Taxis are a faster and more comfortable way to get around town than public transportation. Taxis are also relatively cheap. Most taxis have meters and drivers are usually friendly. There's never a shortage of cabs within the city limits at any given hour, but it is a good idea to have one called, rather than going looking for one. Taxis are usually parked in designated areas along the curb, which are in the proximity of bus stops or other busy spots. When traveling outside city limits you may be asked to pay double fare per kilometer (it is considered acceptable), or you could agree on a fixed amount in advance. Tipping taxi drivers is not very common, but it's always appreciated. Never get into a taxi that doesn't have a sign with the company name on top of it, you may get ripped off.

Here's a list of some of the most reliable taxi companies in Brasov:

  • Tod
    Phone: +40-268-321111, +40-268-941
    Tariff: 1 RON/km, 1 RON starting fee, 1.8 RON/km outside city limits
  • Ro
    Phone: +40-268-319999, +40-268-949
    Tariff: 1RON/km
  • Martax
    Phone: +40-268-313040, +40-0723-313040, +40-0745-313040, +40-268-944
    Tariff: 1 RON/km
  • A.T.I.
    Phone: +40-268-953
    Tariff: 1 RON/km

Getting Around Bucharest

Bucharest Maps.

Taxis from Bucharest Henri-Coanda Airport to Bucharest. The taxi cars bringing customers to the airport have free access in front of the International Departures Terminal and Domestic Flights Terminal. FLY taxi cars are available in front of the International Arrivals Terminal. For any information do not hesitate to contact the FLY Taxi Dispatch located in the International Arrivals Terminal waiting hall. For any reclamations about the taxi services, you are kindly required to write down the car's registration number and contact Otopeni Air Transportation Police, telephone: +40212013242.

Note: The rate of 2,99RON/km is rather steep, when compared to normal city taxis which charge somewhere between 1,15RON/km and 1,5RON/km. Therefore it is advisable to only use Fly Taxi when coming from the Henri-Coanda airport to Bucharest, and use another taxi company to get back to the airport (see the next point for more on this issue).

Taxis in Bucharest. Taxis in Bucharest are cheap, as long as you take a taxi that has an association with a trusted taxi company. Private taxis are expensive, and can be dangerous, as drivers are simply not to be trusted. You should always make sure that any taxi you get into clearly displays the name and telephone number of the company to which it belongs.

All taxis are obliged by law to display their tariffs on the side of the passenger door: make sure you check the tariff before getting in. Note that Pornire is the starting fee, and is usually displayed most prominently as it is cheap. It is the Tarif underneath you need to be aware of. Some taxis charge as much as 10 RON per kilometre. Be particularly alert to these rip-off taxis when taking one from outside the Gara de Nord, the Bucuresti Mall or any five-star hotel. Our advice is to avoid any tariff over 1.50 RON lei per kilometre. The companies below all charge between 1 new leu and 1.50 new lei per kilometre.

Note: If you need to get to the airport from Bucharest, get a taxi from the ones on the list or from the ones mentioned below, as they are significantly cheaper than the Fly Taxi provided at the airport.

  • Meridian
    Phone: 9444, 9888/0723-344-433/0745-055-095
    Tariff: 1 RON/km, 1 RON starting fee
  • Cristaxi
    Phone: 9461, 9466/0723-349-461/0723-349-466/0744-449-461
    Tariff: 1RON/km
  • Perrozzi
    Phone: 9631/0722-963-063/0723-963-963/0724-963-963
    Tariff: 0.89 RON/km, 0.89 RON starting fee
  • Taxi 2000
    Phone: 9494/0722-949-494/0723-949-494/0724-949-494/0745-9
    Tariff: 0.94 RON/km, 0.84 RON starting fee
  • Cobalcescu
    Phone: 9451/0723-399-451/0745-600-945/0723-009-451
    Tariff: 1.20 RON/km, 1 RON starting fee
  • Bucharest Taxis - a detailed list with more reliable taxi companies.

Getting from Bucharest to Brasov (and Vice Versa)

On the way to Brasov, either by train or by car, the Meridional Carpathians are passed through, from the south part, along Prahova Valley, to the north part, along Timis Valley. The highest point between these two valleys is Predeal (1040 meters). The following map shows the Bucharest-Brasov route, with the most important cities:

There are 2 main ways to get to Brasov:

  • The PACT arranged shuttle service between the Henry Coanda/Otopeni international airport (airport code OTP) and the conference hotel in Brasov. The one-way cost is $45 USD. More details and reservation information is available on the PACT 2007 Hotel and Transportation Reservations Site

  • By taxi from the airport to the Gara de Nord Railway Station in Bucharest (about 15 Euros) and then by train to Gara Brasov, the Brasov Railway Station (approximately 15-20 Euros). Please see the information above about taxis from OTP to Bucharest. Some information about Romanian trains is provided below.

Romanian Trains. Getting to Brasov is very easy since it is a major Romanian railway hub. Between Bucharest, the capital, and Brasov (about 170 km) there are many trains daily, almost one every hour. Also due to its affordability and comfort, train is the best way of reaching Brasov. Even though all Romanian trains are increasingly comfortable, try to take the InterCity (IC) trains (2:30 hours to Brasov, 15 €/ticket). These are very modern and comfortable, as they are an initiative of the state railways to reinvigorate Romania's transport sector. "Rapid" trains are also comfortable and almost as fast as InterCities. Do not, however, take trains labeled as Personal (or abbreviated as P before their route number) or Accelerat (labeled as A) to Brasov. Besides the fact that some of them are quite low on comfort, they take nearly twice the time to get there, since they stop at every stop. If you really are forced to take them (even though there are Rapid and IC trains at very accessible times all day), at least buy a first-class ticket.

Tickets can be bought one hour before departure at the station or in advance at the CFR booking office (CFR Agency) but not for departure on the same day. Supplements are payable on rapid and express trains for which seats must be reserved in advance.

  • Romanian State Railway (CFR) train schedule.
    For example, to find trains departing from Bucharest and traveling to Brasov, please follow the following instructions:
    - Change the language to "english" from the upper righthand-side of the webpage
    - Choose your desired Date
    - Enter "Bucuresti Nord" in the "From" field
    - Enter "Brasov" in the "To" field
    - Press "Find"

  • Brasov Railway Station
    5, Garii Avenue
    Phone +40-268-410233 interior 3220, 3228

  • Brasov CFR Agency
    15 Noiembrie 43
    Schedule for international trains
    Schedule for local trains