PACT 2007: Local Information - Brasov

International Conference on 
Parallel Architecture and Compilation Techniques
Brasov, Romania
Sept 15-19, 2007

The Sixteenth International Conference on
Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT)
Brasov, Romania
September 15-19, 2007

PACT 2007 Local Information - Brasov

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This page provides various details regarding Brasov including restaurants, sightseeing, hotels, and other useful items.

Conference Hotel and Venue

Transilvania University Aula
ARO Palace Hotel
ARO Palace conference room

The conference hotel is the ARO Palace Hotel, which is a five star hotel in the historical center of Brasov. PACT technical sessions, the conference banquet on Monday evening, and most lunches (Sept 15-19, except Tue. Sept 18) will be held at the hotel. Transportation between the international airport in Bucharest and the conference hotel in Brasov can be arranged through PACT 2007. More information regarding hotel and airport transportation reservations is available on the PACT 2007 Hotel and Airport Transportation Reservations page.

The workshops and tutorials proceeding the conference on September 15 and 16 will be held at the Aula (Iuliu Maniu Street) of the nearby Transilvania University of Brasov. From the ARO Hotel, the Aula can be reached easily in 15 minutes walk.

  • Brasov Map showing conference hotel, Aula, and other locations of interest.

The conference technical sessions will be held September 17-19 in the Europe I and Europe III conference rooms of the ARO Palace Hotel. Internet is available in the guest rooms and in the conference areas.

Registration materials for pre-registrants and on-site registration will be available at the ARO Hotel on Friday September 14, and Monday thru Wednesday September 17-19, and at the Aula on Saturday and Sunday September 15-16.

Restaurants in Brasov

Brasov is very rich in restaurants. These restaurants that have emerged recently are working hard to outdo each other. They are worth dropping in at and tasting their Romanian or international cuisine.

Just in front of University Aula building, where the Tutorials and Workshops will be held, at no more than 100 m there are three restaurants: Ceasul Rau, NEC's and City Center.

ARO-PALACE has three restaurants on the ground floor, a night bar and Belvedere Restaurant (on the eigth floor), also there is room service.

In the old part of the city, very close to ARO-PALACE hotel, there are a lot of restaurants. To get to them, it is better to take Piata Sfatului (the old square of the Town Hall) as a starting point. On every street leading from Piata Sfatului you can find nice restaurants. They have fresh and first class cuisine for Romanian meals and some for international dishes. The prices are not so high. A lunch is around 40-50 lei, and the dinner is a bit more (this includes a glass of wine). Romania has very nice wines, it's worth tasting them.

We are trying to enumerate some of them (but it is better to visit them). Many of them have tables in the middle of the street and you can enjoy your meal at the sunshade.

Piata Sfatului : China Restaurant,

Gustari 1
Piata Sfatului 14, Brasov
Phone: +40-268-475365

Cerbul Carpatin
Piata Sfatului 12, Brasov
Phone: +40-268-143981

Alstadt (german specific)
Sfatului Square 1, Brasov
Phone: +40-268-476945

Muresenilor Street :

Ischia Tour
George Baritiu 2, Brasov
Phone: +40-268-478693

Bella Musica
Gheorghe Baritiu 2, Brasov
Phone: +40-268-477956 +40-268-476946

El Bario
George Baritiu 1, Brasov
Phone: +40-268-470265 +40-722-583086

Muresenilor 11-13, Brasov
Phone: +40-268-141611 +40-268-477317

Muresenilor 22, Brasov
Phone: +40-268-419775

Sirul Vamii
Muresenilor 18, Brasov
Phone: +40-268-477725 +40-268-471355

Apollonia Hirscher Street:

Keller Steak House
Apollonia Hirscher 2, Brasov
Phone: +40-268-472278

Da Vinci, Traditional Scottish Pub, Casa Hirscher

Piata Enescu Street: Clasic Restaurant, Bistro de l'Arte, No Name Restaurant

Republicii Street: Budapesta, Ambasador, Taverna Sarbului, Butoiul Sasului

Diaconu Coresi Street: San Marco Restaurant

Michael Weiss Street:

Michael Weiss 29, Brasov
Phone: +40-722-693-386 (Romanian and international cuisine).

Lombardi Restaurant

Sightseeing in and around Brasov

Here are a few links providing information about Brasov and the surrounding area.

The mountain you will see first when arriving in Brasov is called Tampa (400 meters above Brasov). Frequently, Brasov is called the town from Tampa's foot. You can see on the top of it a TV antenna and a nice restaurant called Panoramic. There is a cable car (8 lei is a return ticket) and in two minutes from the foot of the mountain, you'll get on the top.

1, 2, and 3 day Excursions Originating from Brasov. Excursions to interesting locations in Romania can be arranged through the Micomis Travel Agency, which is located about 100 meters from the ARO Palace Hotel in Brasov. These excursions should be booked on your own with Micomis, either before the conference using the on-line interface or after you have arrived in Brasov. Micomis requires a minimum of 5 registrants for each trip, so please make your bookings early to assist them and your colleagues in planning. The three recommended trips are

Sights in Brasov.

There are lots of nice touristic and historical places in Brasov which are worth visiting. The majority of these are situated in the old town of Brasov. The old town of Brasov has two parts: the old citadell of Brasov which was surrounded by walls, which was a german core, and the Schei part, outside of the wall, which was a Romanian seating. Some of these old walls you can still see today.

Touristic objectives in Brasov:

Black Church Tower

Piata Sfatului (Council Square)

First Romanian School

Sfantul Nicolae Church

Sfantul Nicolae Church

  • Brasov fortress - erected between the XIVth and XVIIIth centuries; known as one of the strongest fortresses in Transylvania. It is the keeper of a big number of vestiges: Poarta Ecaterinei, Poarta Ecaterinei, Bastionul Postavarilor, Bastionul Tesatorilor, Bastionul Fierarilor. The White Tower and the Black Tower are two fortifications exterior to the fortess which have been kept in very good condition.
  • Black Church - XVIth century - it has been qualified by specialists as being the most representative monument of the gothic art in Romania. This church has an organ with 4000 tubes, of a famous organist in the world -Stas Ekhardt- and of a famous collection of oriental carpets. It was named Black Church after the spots of soot remained on the walls from the big fire in 1689. It is an imposing building, 89m long, 21m high and 38m wide, with an interior tower built afterwards (65m high). The Black Church is a Catholic church.
  • Piata Sfatului (Council Square) - an old place for bargains, is dominated by the old building of the council (XV th century), with a tower to control the access to town. The foundation and the ground floor of the tower, which are still conserved, show that this monument was raised in 1528. Once it used to be the center of the Townhall. To the ground floor of the tower, we can find the History Museum where are exposed objects from neolithic and paleolithic age. The Council Square is the hub for the old part of the town. Here annually is organized the international music contest "The golden stag".
  • Bartholome Church (XIIIth - XIVth century) - very imposing with strong fortifications consolidated with contreforts . It's a gothic style construction.
  • Catholic - Roman Church (21 Muresenilor Street) - built on the place of an old basilic between 1776 - 1782. It's an illustrative monument in baroque style with stained-glass windows.
  • Art Museum (21 Eroilor Bld.) - A modest collection of contemporary art. The museum hosts both wood and glass icons, portraits, paintings and sculpture. The Museum contains a unique collection of plastic art and a section dedicated to Romanian and foreign applied art. Located in the same building as the Ethnographic Museum at 21 Eroilor Blvd., near the Aro Palace Hotel. HOURS: Tuesday-Friday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays: Closed
  • Casa Negustorilor, also known as Casa Hirscher (The merchant's house) - built in 1545 by the model of the ancient market halls in West Europe. This house is currently the "Cerbul Carpatin" restaurant.
  • The First Romanian School Museum
  • Dramatic Theatre (Eroilor Street)
  • Ethnography Museum (23 Eroilor Bd). Open : 9:00 - 17:00 / Monday closed
  • Sfantul Nicolae Church (sec XVI- XVIII)
  • Sfantul Petru and Pavel Church (sec XVIII)
  • Sfanta Treime Church (sec XVII - XIX)
  • Adormirea Maicii Domnului Church (Dealul Melcilor).